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Second hit at Zurich main station

The Swiss Railway Company didn’t like it but the Federal Court ordered them to put up a big anti-Israel Poster in Zurich’s main station. Then all of a sudden there were “stickers” on the box that gave counter message:


That first hit was followed by a second one. The stickers obviously were easy to remove and that seems to have led the same outfit to glue new stickers. Here are the pictures:

They didn’t spare Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the leading Swiss daily (and one of the bigger players in the anti-Israel crowd):

Seems the public was interested:

What was happened:



The tracks are the symbol for Deportation and Extermination of the Jews in Europe!
Under the title: “65 years injustice to the Palestinians” a poster is hanging at the central station in Zurich/Switzerland since one week. How crude to put it at the end of the rail! It’s anti-Semitic and defaming the Jews. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland declares it as freedom of opinion.
”We are obliged according to the Federal Court judgment to hang out these posters”, says a spokesman of SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahn). As long it is not clarified if the poster is allowed to hang legally there, so far the agitation against the Jews are published at the main station in Zurich. 75 years ago, it was said: (Deport) “Jews TO Palestine!” Today same people proclaim: “Jews OUT of Palestine!” Has something changed?
In which world we live actually? The Iran takes over the chair for the UN Conference on Disarmament – in spite of the sanctions because of the nuclear program and its support of terrorists and mass murderers. In Syria, Assad still massacred his own people, you will be stoned in Saudi Arabia, turkey journalists are arrested, as well journalist in the palestinian self-government areas. What happened to the Universal Human Rights? Did they changed into the “Cairo Human Rights”

Kerrys schockierende Forderung an Israel: Freilassung von Terroristen

Kerrys schockierende Forderung an Israel: Freilassung von Terroristen

Eine unglaubliche Forderung an Israel von der Obama-Regierung – um so fragwürdiger bezüglich des heutigen Mords an einen Israeli, Vater von 5 Kindern, durch einen 24jährigen Palästinenser, der 4 Jahre im israelischen Gefängnis gesessen hat und freig elassenwurde  Alles dazu im Link – der auch die origínal Links (englisch) enthält:

An incredible demand on Israel from the Obama administration – the more dubious about the current murder of an Israeli father of 5 children, by a 24 year old Palestinian who has been sitting 4 years in Israeli prison and was released. All this in the link – which also contains the original links (English):

Hitler and Arafat’s Uncle the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin al-Husseini

Hitler and Arafat’s Uncle the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin al-Husseini

published 11.07.2012

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The Arab/Muslim Nazi Connection Bosnian Moslems recruited the Nazi SS by Yasser Arafat’s ‘Uncle’


Suha Arafat: The 2000 Intifada Was Premeditated, Planned by Arafat

Suha Arafat:
The 2000 Intifada Was Premeditated, Planned by Arafat

on Dubai TV – December 16, 2012  translated by MEMRITVVideos


Christiane Amanpour, CNN frequently broadcasts this lies again and again and compares indirect the IDF with Jihadist Organisations


Rabbi Marvin Hier
Founder and Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center


A day prior to the airing of Christiane Amanpour’s six-hour CNN documentary entitled God’s Warriors, I was one of four clergymen to be a guest on Larry King Live to discuss the issue of fundamentalism in today’s world. The interview on Larry King was pre-recorded in mid-July and none of the participants had seen the six-hour documentary because it was still being edited. Now that I have seen it, I sent the following critique to the producers of God’s Warriors.

1. MORAL EQUIVALENCY – There is no moral equivalency between some 200 Israeli fanatics prone to violence and tens of thousands of Palestinian terrorists whose acts are endorsed by the elected government and a significant portion of the population. The failure of the documentary to clearly make that distinction skews the facts and conveys the false impression allowing people all over the world to conclude that there IS a moral equivalency between the number of Palestinian terrorists and Jewish terrorists – this is a complete distortion. More importantly, the largest terrorist group responsible for much of the unrest in the Middle East, Hamas, got a free pass from CNN in God’s Warriors and is not even mentioned in the documentary’s segment on Islam.

2. JEWISH LOBBY – CNN spends much time describing the strength of the “Jewish Lobby” in Washington. But what do supporters of Israel active on the Hill have to do with a documentary focusing on the power of religion? Indeed, many of those defending Israel on Capital Hill are, in fact, secular Jews. Furthermore, if you are going to talk about powerful lobbies, why not give equal time to the enormous power of the Arab Oil lobby?

3. SECURITY FENCE (Hamas Wall) – The consultants of the documentary make a point of showing the security fence that now separates the Palestinians from the Israelis. Palestinians interviewed explain the hardships they face and call the fence an “apartheid” wall. Nowhere is there a mention of the wide consensus of support for the security fence amongst all Israelis, left and right, including Israel’s Supreme Court, which has sanctioned the fence because, without it, the suicide bombings would continue unabated, something NO society can tolerate. Indeed, the terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad are the real architects and designers of that fence.

4. FIGHTING TERRORISM – God’s Warrior’s makes mention of the fact that the few Jewish terrorists described in the film were all arrested by the Israeli government and sent to jail for their crimes. Yet, they ignore the fact that Palestinian officials have never convicted Palestinian terrorists. Had they done so, there would be no need for a security fence.

5. SIX DAY WAR – The documentary spends a lot of time on the Six Day War and emphasizes how Israel decided to attack the Old City during the War, which changed the status quo forever. But God’s Warriors fails to explain how or why the Six Day War started. It hides from its audience the fact that Egypt blocked the Straits of Tiran (an international waterway), an act of war under international law, denying all shipping to Israel and that the Arab States, including Jordan, which controlled the Old City, brought their armies to the border. Had they not taken those actions, the Six Day War would have been averted. By ignoring all that and instead focusing on Israel’s attack on the Old City, God’s Warriors guides its audience to the conclusion that the purpose of the War was Israel’s intention to grab the Old City of Jerusalem.


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VIDEO: EU: Where did all the Palestinian money go?!

Calev Myers to EU:
Where did all the Palestinian money go?!

from JIJorg

Veröffentlicht am 20.11.2012

Calev Myers’ speech at the event JIJ held in cooperation with EC4I in the Eyuropean Parliament in Brussels, presenting the JIJ Palestinian Authority report of Human Rights. The session was attended by members of the Foreign Committee in the European Parliament.

Read the full report here:


Visit the JIJ website: http://www.jij.org.il
בקרו באתר האינטרנט: hbrew.jij.org.il

VIDEO: The shocking video Muslims don’t want you to see!!

Watch this video about the shocking similarites between Muslim and Nazi beliefs. Listen to a former Palestinian terrorist. What is being taught to Muslim children will shock and amaze you!

Uploaded on Dec 29, 2008

VIDEO: Arabs for Israel – X-Muslims for Israel – Hamas leader’s son

Hamas leader’s son speaks out on BBC Arabic

Mosab Hassan Yousuf, son of Hamas leader of West Bank Sheik Hassan Yousuf talks on T.V and as an Palestinian Arab Muslim claims he supports Israel because he is righteous and knows through his religion and history whose land it really belongs to, the Israelis.

He exposes all Arab lies against Israel and criticizes Islam for the hatred it teaches since he experienced it when he was a young boy. He very well admits the Arabs don’t want peace, just hate, war and fight while Israelis are striving for peace. Thank you Mus’ab Hassan Yousuf you are a righteous Arab and are respected for spreading the truth, not Paliwood lies.

VIDEO: Prager University: The Middle East Problem in 5 Minutes

The Middle East Problem in 5 Minutes by PragerUniversity

Why is the Middle East Problem so intractable? Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated talk show host and best-selling author, answers that question in this thought-provoking video course.

VIDEO Samaria (West Bank): The Heart of Israel

Samaria: The Heart of Israel

VIDEO: Pillar of Defense

VIDEO by Nevet Basker: Pillar of Defense

The November 2012 conflict in Gaza:

What happened and why, Israel’s & Hamas’ strategies, and the role of the media. Compiled by Nevet Basker from  www.BroaderView.org

VIDEO: Outstanding Explanation: Why Israel can’t withdraw to its pre ’67 borders line

Outstanding Explanation:
Why Israel can’t withdraw to its pre ’67 borders line

by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs http://jcpa.org/

VIDEO by Danny Ayalon: Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the “West Bank”

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains where the terms “West Bank”, “occupied territories” and “67 Borders” originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied.

Also follow on Twitter:
http://twitter.com/DannyAyalon and http://facebook.com/DannyAyalon

VIDEO by Caroline Glick: Myth of the ‘two-state solution’

VIDEO by Caroline Glick:
Myth of the ‘two-state solution’

Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post and the Center for Security Policy discusses myths of the ‘two-state solution’ in the Middle East and lays out her blueprint for “Ending The Stalemate.” For a more in-depth look, see: http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p17781.xml?genre_id=3


Petitioning UNICEF: No UNICEF Donations for the Destruction of Israel!

 Petitioning UNICEF: No UNICEF Donations for the Destruction of Israel!


Petition by

No UNICEF Donations for the Destruction of Israel!

No UNICEF Donations for the Destruction of Israel!
Keine UNICEF Spendengelder für die Vernichtung Israels!
Pas de dons à l’UNICEF car ils contribueraient à la destruction d’ Israel!
No donaciones de UNICEF para la destrucción de Israel!
Nessun Appogiamento per UNICEF ed suo l’aiuto alla distruzione d’Israele

English Version (German and French Version see below):

Ladies and Gentlemen,
UNICEF currently runs a massive campaign to obtain donations.
We, the supporters of this Petition, are concerned that with its donations UNICEF promotes the destruction of Israel. Since 2000, the “Palestinian” organization PYALARA been funded with around 100,000 (1) dollars per year. PYALARA is known for its support for terrorism against Israel and showing its own TV commercials glorifying terror and violence against Israel.
About 300,000 Palestinian children watch frequently these TV shows.
Is this peace education? Instead the children learn hatred against Israel. Only after public protests, UNICEF ended its funding 2010 itself to PYALARA.
But still UNICEF promotes the anti-israel TV spots of PYALARA on its website. (3)
This is outragaging!

We note:
Over a period of 10 years UNICEF abused the donations of his supporters which were deceived in good faith, they would donate to a good cause.

But not enough. UNICEF seems to have learned nothing, because still supports (PMW= Palestinian Media Watch has reported ) with its funding the terrorist and the propaganda against Israel (4).

UNICEF is supporting the NGO “Burj-Luq Luq Social Center” whose campaign slogan in TV commercials to the “palestinian” children is: “Hold machine guns, not cigarettes” because “youth are being killed by the Jews.”

On the website of “Burj-Luq Luq Social Center” next to UNICEF other financial funders are named include:
UNESCO, the French consulate, the Swiss Development Agency, the Youth Development Department, which belongs to the Association of Arab Studies the ‘Orient House,’ the Italian Institutions Union, the Faisal Husseini Institute, UNFPA, and the PA Ministry of Youth and Sports.

We want make sure that UNICEF NEVER AGAIN uses donations to support terrorism against Israel .We ask you kindly to sign this petition.

No UNICEF Donations for the Destruction of Israel!

PS: Petition inspired by an open letter to UNICEF Germany by Dr. Heinz Gess. “Contemptible Hypocrisy” (5)

German Version:

Keine UNICEF Spendengelder für die Vernichtung Israels

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
aktuell führt UNICEF eine massive Kampagne zur Gewinnung von Spendengeldern durch.

Wir, die Unterzeichner, befürchten, dass UNICEF mit den Spendengeldern die Vernichtung Israels fördert. Seit dem Jahr 2000 wurde die „palästinensische“ Organisation PYALARA mit jährlich rund 100.000 (1) Dollar finanziert. PYALARA (2) ist dafür bekannt, daß sie Terror gegen Israel unterstützt und in eigenen TV-Spots Terror und Gewalt gegen Israel verherrlicht. Rund 300.000 palästinensische Kinder sehen dabei diese TV Sendungen. Sieht so Friedenserziehung aus?  Statt dessen wird den Kindern der Hass gegen Israel eingeimpft. Erst nach öffentlichen Protesten stellte lediglich UNICEF 2010 die Finanzierung von PYALARA ein. Bis heute bewirbt UNICEF die obengenannten TV-Spots von PYALARA auf ihrer Homepage. (3) Das ist ein Skandal!

Wir halten fest:
Über 10 Jahre lang missbrauchte UNICEF die Spendengelder seiner Unterstützer/innen, welche in dem guten Glauben, sie würden für eine gute Sache spenden, getäuscht wurden.

Damit nicht genug. UNICEF scheint nichts gelernt zu haben, denn weiterhin wird laut PMW (Palestinan Media Watch) (4) der Terror bzw. seine Propaganda gegen Israel finanziert.

So unterstützt UNICEF die NGO „Burj Luq-Luq Social Center“, dessen Werbekampagnenslogan in TV-Spots an die „palästinensischen“ Kinder ist: „Haltet Maschinen Gewehre – Nicht Zigaretten, denn Kinder werden von den Juden getötet“

Auf der Webseite von „Burj Luq-Luq Social Center“ werden neben UNICEF auch noch weitere finanzielle Unterstützer genannt:
Die UNESCO, das Französische Konsulat, die Schweizer Agentur für Entwicklung, die Jugendentwicklungs-Abteilung der Association für arabische Studien “Orient House”, das Faisal Husseini Institute, UNFPA und das PA (Palästinensische Autonomie Behörde) Ministerium für Jugend und Sport.

Damit in Zukunft NIE wieder UNICEF Spendengelder für die Unterstützung von Terror gegen Israel benutzt, bitten wir Sie, diese Petition zu unterschreiben.

Wir schauen der UNICEF auf die Finger!
Keine UNICEF Spendengelder für die Vernichtung Israels!

PS: Beweggrund für diese Petition ist der offene Brief an UNICEF von Dr. Heinz Gess.  „Verächtliche Doppelmoral“ (5) Unser Dank gilt Dr. Gess

French Version:

Pas de dons à l’UNICEF car ils contribueraient à la destruction d’ Israel

Mesdames et Messieurs,

nous, les signataires de cette pétition, craignons que l’ UNICEF n’utilise les dons reçus pour contribuer à la destruction de l’ état d’ Israel. Depuis l’ an 2000, l’ organisation palestinienne Pyalara(2) a reçu une aide financière annuelle de 100000 (1) dollars de la part de l’UNICEF.Pyalara est une organisation très connue pour le soutien qu’ elle apporte au terrorisme anti-israélien.Cette organisation glorifie la violence et le terrorisme envers Israel dans ses propres spots à la télévision palestinienne. Environ 300000 enfants sont les téléspectateurs de ces émissions inadmissibles projetées par la télévision palestinienne.Est-ce ainsi que les Palestiniens conçoivent ” l’ apprentissage” à la paix? A la place d’ une éducation pacifiste,les enfants palestiniens reçoivent un apprentissage à la haine du Juif et de l’ état d’ Israel.Ce n’ est qu’ en 2010 que l’ UNICEF a stoppé le financement de cette organisation qui appelle à la destruction d’ Israel,et ce, après plus de 10 ans de protestations. Mais jusqu’ à présent l’UNICEF continue à projeter les TV spots de Pyalara sur son site internet.(3)
Un pur scandale!

A retenir:

Pendant plus de 10 ans, l’ UNICEF a utilisé les fonds provenant de dons humanitaires à des fins douteuses et a trompé ses donateurs en leur faisant croire qu’ ils faisaient une bonne action en envoyant des dons.

En outre, l’UNICEF semble ne rien avoir appris puisque, selon les propres dires de PMW(Palestinian Media Watch)(4),elle continue à financer le terrorisme et sa propagande.

Ainsi l’ UNICEF soutient la campagne publicitaire de la ONG ” Burj Luq-Luq Social Center” qui projette des spots destinés aux enfants palestiniens:” Tenez des mitraillettes entre vos mains et non pas des cigarettes car ce ne sont pas les cigarettes qui tuent les enfants palestiniens, mais bien les Juifs”

D’ autres “bienfaiteurs” sont nommés sur le site internet de Burj Luq-Luq Social Center,tels que l’ UNESCO, le Consulat de France,l’ Agence Suisse pour le développement,le département pour l’ aide au développement de la jeunesse de l’ institut du monde arabe,l’ institut Faisal Husseini et le ministère des sports et de la jeunesse de l’ Autorité Palestinienne.

Nous vous prions de signer cette pétition afin que les dons faits à l’ UNICEF ne soient PLUS JAMAIS utilisés pour soutenir le terrorisme visant l’ état d’ Israel!

Nous observons de près les faits et gestes de l’UNICEF !
Pas de dons provenant de l’UNICEF pour aider à la destruction d’ Israel

PS: La lettre publique de Mr le Dr Heinz Gess intitulée : ” Une double morale méprisable(5)” nous a incitês à publier cette pétition. Tous nos remerciements à Mr le Dr Gess

Sources / Quellen:

(1)   http://www.tw24.net/wp-content/uploads/StatementonPYLARAuseofUNICEFlogo2010.pdf

(2)   http://heplev.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/unicef-unterstutzt-palastinensische-hass-werbung/

(3)   http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/oPt_24495.html
see also from 14 May 2012: UNICEF still supports PYALARA

(4)   http://newsblaze.com/story/20120615191055zzzz.nb/topstory.html

(5)   http://www.kritiknetz.de/index.php/kurztexte12/1178-veraechtliche-doppelmoral

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